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About Us 

Shenzhen Indestech Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Indestech) http://www.ydstech.com/ is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of industrial computers. Since its establishment in 1999, Indes Technology has been based on independent research and development, independent innovation, and core products have independent intellectual property rights.
Honest and pragmatic, Indes takes the ability to provide the best cost-effective products to customers in need as a long-term goal. In order to achieve this goal, Indes continues to develop new products, continuously improve service capabilities, promote the innovation of embedded computer applications, and create long-term value and potential growth for users.
YDSTECH Qualification

National High-Tech Enterprise

Shenzhen Double Software Certified Enterprise

ISO9001 international quality system certification company

Member Unit of Chinese Society of Automation

Member Unit of China Instrument and Control Society

Director Unit of Shenzhen Computer Association

China Computer Society Group Member Unit

Initiator of China Embedded System Industry Alliance

Strong Market Competitiveness
R & D capabilities
The core R&D personnel have more than 15 years of working experience and have been focusing on embedded computer R&D with rich professional knowledge. Indes believes that attitude is everything, serious and responsible work attitude, and rigorous and meticulous work style determine the quality of products. Since the establishment of the company, seriousness, responsibility, focus, professionalism, rigor and meticulousness have been implanted into the team. Years of accumulation have formed a strong R&D team.

Professional Service Team
Indes Technology’s professional marketing team provides one-stop product sales services, from product selection, procurement to later service. The Technical Service Center provides detailed product pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale technical services. Senior project engineers provide customized product solutions. The professional service team not only provides fast and perfect services, but also provides tailor-made services and products according to the specific needs of customers.

Perfect Quality Assurance
Indes Technology has established a complete quality assurance management system, adopted MSA quality system analysis, implemented rolling quality system audit, TQM, SPC process control and other quality management systems, established an AVL supplier management system to ensure the quality of raw materials, and implemented rolling product trust testing Etc. to ensure overall product reliability

Production Capacity
SMT production capacity: annual production capacity is no less than 1.5 million pieces; production line production capacity: annual production capacity is no less than 1.5 million units;

Professional OEM/ODM Service

OEM/ODM services for board products

Indes can provide customers with R&D and manufacturing of various boards, especially OEM/ODM customized services. Provide solutions for the research and development of various motherboards of different sizes and specifications, which can be developed and produced according to the different needs of customers, including services such as modifying the functions of standard products, changing BIOS, and re-development and designing new products.

System Integration Product OEM/ODM Service
Indes Technology can provide the integration of system products, design and produce according to the actual use environment of customers, and provide customers with non-standard products that are truly suitable for their applications. Product colors, patterns and company LOGO can be customized.  
Other OEM/ODM Services
Indes Technology also provides customized services for integrated workstations, backplanes and other equipment. It can also provide customers with customized services for embedded operating systems.

The Product line of Indes Technology Temporarily Includes:

Industrial control motherboard (embedded motherboard) series: 2.5-inch industrial control motherboard, 3.5-inch industrial control motherboard, full-length CPU card, half-length CPU card, PC/104 module, Freescale motherboard;

Human-computer interaction series: industrial tablet computer, human-machine interface;

Industrial system series: embedded fanless industrial computer, complete industrial computer, rack-mounted industrial control chassis, wall-mounted industrial control chassis, industrial control backplane, industrial control power supply;

Industrial automation series: data acquisition module, data acquisition card

Industrial control accessories products, etc.

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